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Wayne Kendall

Wayne B. Kendall PC

Attorney Kendall considers himself a general litigation practitioner with a  concentration in civil rights litigation, governmental abuse of power matters  and public interest litigation centered around voter participation and  election law. Attorney Kendall has participated in successfully filing over 20  voting rights lawsuits against various cities, counties, and school boards in  the State of Georgia, under the 1965 Voting Rights Act, dating back to the early 1980’s on  behalf of local county NAACP branches. He has never lost a voting rights case.

Kendall has been involved more recently in other types of civil rights litigation including claims  under 42 USC 1983 related to the deprivation of the individual rights of citizens by  governmental officials. He has also been involved in public interest lawsuits concerning the  misallocation of public funds; governmental whistleblower lawsuits involving waste, fraud, and  abuse of public funds; and lawsuits in federal and state courts against law enforcement departments on behalf of victims of police misconduct. Kendall is, and has been, lead counsel  in civil rights actions in multiple federal jurisdictions including North Carolina, Virginia, and the  District of Columbia. Attorney Kendall has represented numerous elected officials across the  State of Georgia in election contest matters seeking to vindicate his clients’ rights for election  process violations.

Attorney Kendall has been an enthusiastic member participant in Advocacy for Action, a  political action committee, which seeks to impact the diversity of judges sitting on Georgia’s  state and federal courts. He serves as the treasurer of the organization’s political action fund.

Wayne Kendall
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