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Jerry Wilson

The Wilson PC

Jerry Wilson is a native of Statesboro, Georgia.  He earned his B.S. in Management from Georgia Tech in 1973 and a J.D. from the University of Florida in 1978.  He developed a specialty in voting rights and political redistricting and testified thirty (30) times as an expert witness in federal Voting Rights cases concerning the remedial aspects of political redistricting plans.  He has litigated voting rights cases involving county governments, school boards, city councils and election boards in Georgia.   His consulting work with jurisdictions facing critical decennial census redistricting issues has included Birmingham, AL; Dade and Palm Beach County, FL; Fayetteville, NC; New York City, NY; and Fulton County, GA.

Jerry has been in private practice since 1992 handling personal injury, criminal, probate, real estate and litigation matters; as well as political redistricting work.  He formed a professional corporation in 2009 and now partners with son Jerred at The Wilson PC, a personal injury firm.

Jerry Wilson
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